WTS: Fully Transferable Group Industries Stainless Steel M16A1 Lower

Location: Maine

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Purchased 9/97 from Recon Ordinance in Wisconsin and was told it had been a movie prop gun used in the first Rambo movie, but have no provenance to prove it.   It came set up to look like a  “CAR 15”,  with a 10.5” barrel, a fake oversized flash hider and carry-handle (with later style adjustable sights) and metal powder-coated collapsible buttstock.  The flash hider was sold to a friend years ago so is not included.  I will also include a 14” barreled M4-style Bushmaster flat-top upper, since I don't want an SBR after transfer.  Items pictured but not included are:  Gemtech bi-lock flash hider, flip-up rear site, and vertical grip on the 14” upper pictured.   Photos are honest and full disclosure:   I have not doctored or cleaned smudges, wear marks on the parkerizing, and there is a small error made in the engraving of the text on the fire selector positions, below the S on the "SEMI" position, pictured with selector between positions for clarity.   

This lower is about a pound heavier than the normal aluminum and does not attract a magnet.  The parkerizing matches typical Bushmaster/Windham uppers, and has some light handling marks, also as pictured.   This extremely durable 17-4PH Stainless lower has worked just fine with several uppers of all bbl lengths, from 10.5” to full-length, with my .22LR conversion kit,  suppressed and not.  All pins and tolerances are tight and there is no noticeable wear or looseness anywhere.  It is a bomb-proof receiver and will outlast all of us, so if you're passing it on in a trust, this is one you want.  I love it but I’m getting out of machine guns because I don't have a use for them.  Another of these Group Industries SS lowers was posted earlier this year and I’m aware what it sold for.  I am asking $33,500. 

I'm also selling a Powder Springs MAC-10  that I've hardly ever fired, and will post a separate ad for that when I get it photographed and written up.  

Buyer pays $200 transfer cost and UPS shipping costs, including insurance.  100% payment starts transfer process, from Maine.  Not interested in partial trades at this time.

I can be contacted by email at     

M16 lower Lside 2.JPG

M16 lower.JPG

M16 selector.JPG

M16 set1.jpg

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