WTB/WTT: M11/9 or M11A1

Location: Washington

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I'm looking for a M11/9 or M11A1.  Having a Lage upper would be a extremely good bonus for me. Buy or trade. Prefer ones on Form 3s for faster transfers. 
I can receive premays since I have my SOT.

I was hoping to trade my KAC Beretta Hush Puppy (Beretta 92F and XM-9 suppressor) for one.  It is on a Form 3.
Note looks like the XM-9 hasn't been shot and the wipes are new. The Beretta is a 1970's model 92F. Contact me for photos for trade.

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Email us at doubletapfirearmspa.com for pics

Has original parts also and Lage upper and side folding stock. 


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