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Brand new VECTOR UZI in box.  I put this away for future sale, and here it is.  There aren't many new-in-box unfired of these. They are not cheap and will never be.  Here is your chance to own one. Comes with DeSantis UZI shoulder rig with double mag pouch. I have seen used examples selling for $18,000.  This one is a good buy, and they will  only increase in price.  I have not
seen NEW IN BOX Vetor UZIs.  Here is one.


STEMPLE 76/45 NEW-IN-BOX w/Suppressor  

These guns are here and owned by me.  
If interested please email me,  I have pictures.
  Please emailme directly rather than thru this

Or call me (207) 476-0000 daily till 8PM Eastern


I have been a RECOMMENDED DEALER on Tom Bowers since 2001
I do eforms to your dealer.




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clafify, emphasize new in box

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On the UZI’s are there two consecutive serial numbers, Both for 18k? Thank you. 

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