[WTS] 30+ Suomi Coffin Mags for Lage M11 / M10 Uppers

Location: Florida

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[WTS] 30+ Suomi Coffin Mags for Lage M11 / M10 Uppers

Selling off some of my Suomi 50rd Coffin magazines that are nowadays used in the Lage M11 & M10 MAX-31 mk2 uppers.

Coffin Mags____________________________________________

[Pictures Here] I have (18) in Good/Great condition and (4) in Fair condition with slight rust/pitting but all still functional. Mags are sold in as-is condition and have been sitting in my climate controlled safe covered in a heavy coat of oil.

[Current inventory here], lmk what number mags you want and I will update this photo as they sell.

-Condition: Good/Great - $150 + $8 USPS flat rate

-Condition: Fair - $135 + $8 USPS flat rate

Coffin Leather Pouch Kits___________________________________

I also have (2) Leather pouch kits that include: Leather pouch, loader and (4) Fair condition coffin magazines. Kit #2 includes a cleaning kit as seen in the photos.

[Kit 1 - Pictures Here] - $600 shipped

[Kit 2 - Pictures Here] - $610 shipped

Magazine Loaders________________________________________

[Pictures Here] I also have (3) Coffin magazine loaders for sale for $50.00 each.

Payment / Shipping_______________________________________

**Firm on prices, NO bulk pricing. No trades.** Multiple mags can be shipped in medium size USPS flat rate for $15.

USPS Money Order, PayPal G&S add 3%, or F&F.

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