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With all of this pandemic b.s. and work slow I'm bored. I was waiting to move before unboxing my new Hobart 40i plasma machine, but decided to unbox it and try it today. What a surprise.

Unbelievable performance. I'm an old oxy acetylene guy, who cut my teeth on cutting heavy steel plate over 5" thick, burning 12" pins out of headache balls, heavy railroad cutting. Oxy was the way, the only way. Until today.

If anyone is looking  for a virtually foolproof way to cut metal, ferrous and non ferrous, plasma is the only way to go.

I love this machine.

I'm working on a coal forge hood and20200527_120855_resized.jpg right now and the cuts for this hood look like they were cut with a laser.

Can say enough good about the Hobart 40i plasma machine!20200527_120832_resized.jpg

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