Mark Layton

NIB M16A2 Rifle, Commando, & Factory Cutaway

Location: Utah

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I have three rare, unfired, M16A2s for sale. Divorce has necessitated that I sell these guns to pay my taxes. All three firearms are new, and unfired. M16A2 Commando, BURST marked, $50k, M16A2 rifle, AUTO marked, $45k, M16A2 Factory Cutaway Carbine, AUTO marked, $25k. The cutaway is a functional machine gun, and would fire if a non-cutaway upper receiver were put on the firearm. This is a great functional collector piece. Feel free to contact me for additional information. Thanks. Mark Layton (801) 361-7300

Cutaway 3.jpg

Cutaway 2.jpg

Cutaway 1.jpg

Cutaway 4.jpg

Cutaway 5.jpg

Cutaway 6.jpg

M16A2 Commando.jpg

M16A2 Rifle.jpg

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The M16 cutaway is great!  I have an upper and have seen a couple of lowers floating around, but I've never seen a lower because they are as you say still a MG.  I really appreciate the good pics too.  Some day, I may try to make a cutaway AR15 lower to match the factory upper i have.  Thanks for posting and good luck with the sales.

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