WTB M11/9 22LR kit

Location: Oregon

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Hi guys,

New to the MG world, and I'm glad I found this site!  Just transferred an M11/9 frame and have been piecing it together to try and get it running. My NFA guy's been a wealth of knowledge as well as the online community. I picked up a parts kit and a spare barrel, as well as a spare stripped upper a little bit ago, but turns out the spare barrel's got a bulge in it, so it'd be perfect as a host for a .22 kit.

I'm still working on my knowledge-base, but I think a few companies made them like Lage and Flemming.

I'm sure a few of you guys probably had the conversion kits and ditched them for a dedicated upper, so if you've got a kit sitting around collecting dust in the back of the safe, I'm definitely interested in taking it off your hands.

Let me know.


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