WTS: Colt Vickers in .303; C+R w/ choice......

Location: BT

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....of restored Brit tripod or very good condition, complete standard US Vickers tripod. Data plate and new strap included.
Gun is complete. 99% reblued finish. Receiver is registered Colt aircraft with polished Brit trunnion and waterjacket assembled. Fitted with Brit internals, .303 barrel, feedblock, etc. Missing front and rear water plugs not on gun in pic but will be assembled to it. Restored Brit tripod has Colt data plate. Cradle is marked with serial and 1943 date. Tripod head is brass as is cradle. Runs perfectly and have short video. With Brit tripod $18k. With US Vickers tripod $17k: offers encouraged. First photo is gun on US 1915 Vickers tripod. Second photo is gun on restored Brit vickers tripod.(red/brown marks on jacket are reflections, not rust)

Gun will transfer directly to C+R licensee. Buyer pays first tax to transfer it from C+R owner and is responsible for SH&I. Plenty of pics available plus short video.


JC Colt Vickers US tri-1.jpg

JC Colt Vickers Brit tri-2.jpg

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