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Aaron in Mohnton Pa

SCAMMER: Board name Kas referring members to email


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    There is a scammer lurking on the boards under the WTB ads. See details below.

Sturm Username: Kas (joined sturm 27 minutes ago)

Messaging users telling them to email:

Received the following message: 


  A quick search of the email address revealed the address belongs to a known scammer who uses the exact same wording in all their scams. Links for reference.



DONT BE VICTIM! These scumbags will never give up.........


Aaron - Mohnton, Pa 

Edited by Aaron in Mohnton Pa

  Aaron - Mohnton, Pa  |  BeltFeds.Com, LLC / Stryker Defense  |  FFL 07 / 02 SOT 

  Email: Sales@BeltFeds.Com      Phone: 610-983-8257      Website:  https://BeltFeds.Com



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