Pre may HK MP5, Mini Uzi Transferable RPB m11 .380, Mac 10 .45

Location: Georgia

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Pre-may dealer sample Machine gun's

HK MP5 excellent condition This is a pre may dealer sample so you have to have SOT. No law letter require $13900

IMI Mini Uzi 3 lug barrel. This is a pre maydealer sample so you have to have SOT. No law letter require $9900



Transferable Machine gun's

M11 .380. Mac11 For sale or trade. $7500 SPF

Mac 10 with SWD suppressor. 45acp machine gun. Very good condition. Jersey arms gun. Both on form 3. Rare gun with only about 500 made.  $6700 


Everything is on form 3. Will make a package deal if someone is interested. Can send more pics if wanted.









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