WTS , Very rare Joe Poyer L2A1 , Onyx L1A1A,

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I also have M60 kits for sale in the parts section 

sold sold Real JRW M60 SAR  Semi Receiver complete with all semi parts trigger bolt, semi sear 100% real JRW $8995.00 shipped to FFL  simply install your M60 parts kit to have a complete working semi auto M60 Sold 




One of eight Joe poyer L2A1
semi Auto AUS 11 importer by Joe Poyer Matching Number AUS 11 L1A1A cross flags ABN   Lithgow NSW Australia comes with Six 30 round mags 

$6995.00 shipped 

more information 

This From discussion I had with FAL Files forum member  Abominog  he is The author of The FN FAL Primer: The Collector's Guide to the FAL and SLR Riflesand Lithgow! Australia's Self Loading Rifle

I had Said I dont have any paper work with this rifle to which he posted the response “You don't need documentation on AUS 11“ It is one of eight receivers imported above and beyond the 158 rifles by Joe Poyer that was built into an L2A1. The remaining 17 receivers were sold as bare receivers.

These L2s are mentioned on page 124 of The FN FAL Primer: The Collector's Guide to the FAL and SLR Rifles though in hindsight I neglected to identify the "AUS xx" serial number. Anyone who reads this should mark their copy, page 124, third paragraph, with "AUS xx" in the margin






Australian SLR L1A1A Oynx import, Lithgow NSW Australia Papa F1 has one rare Pat Jones Installed  , as you can from the pics this is some of the nicest wood I’ve seen on A SLR I put 20 rounds through and she shoots wonderful with a lovely ring 

$4500.00 shipped  I will also take a M1 Garand as part Gun plus cash on the rifle 









I’m not a professional seller that said please ask all any questions I can provided more photos upon request all sales will be final with no returns I think my prices are fair though I’m always open to barter


thanks much for looking

open to trades on 1969 cobra jet Mach 1 

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More rifles added please ask questions in the open through all offers or bartering is via pm or email 

more L2A1 pics










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