Spandau MG08 w/trench Mount $16K

Location: NW OHIO

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This is my personal kit which I have owned for 10yrs and always enjoyed shooting.  It has always run like a watch, and even likes Browning M1917 cloth belts.   It is a Spandau Serial Number 635, which I believe makes this a gun built in 1910.  The only original parts are the riveted together receiver body, water jacket and top cover.  I believe everything else was replaced and renumbered to match the gun.  The unit tag I believe is original.  I believe the trench mount is original.  This is a great kit that is easy to transport and take out shooting.  The optics are clear with a solid reticle.  The hose and ammo can are reproduction.  The sale includes 2 Turk 8mm belts, and the ZF12 case.  Because this is in my personal collection the gun will transfer on a Form 4.  I will pay the first stamp to your dealer.  If you are local, I'll pay the stamp to you as well.   Price is $16K delivered.   I'm putting this up for sale because I bought 4 other Maxim's in the last year so I'm just making room, but no urgent need to sell so I wont respond to lowball offers. 









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Do you have a extra lock for sale?

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