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SPF - Razorback 22 Beltfed + lots of accessories, $1700

Location: Atlanta, GA

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This is sold pending funds.


I've decided that it's time to get rid of my "fringe" toys that I rarely use, so it's time for the Razorback to go.  What I'm selling is a Lakeside Machine X-1 Razorback 22LR beltfed upper with a whole pile of accessories.



This upper was purchased from Eric Graetz (Lakeside Guns) at Knobb Creek the last year he attended as a vendor.

I futzed with this upper for a long time and only had intermittant success getting it to run more than a couple rounds at a time.  Eventually, I boxed the entire thing up (along with my M16) and shipped it to Eric asking him to just "make it run".  You can see some shiny spots in the feed area where he polished parts of it.

Unfortunately, shortly after it came back Sandy Hook happened and 22 ammo all but disappeared.  These uppers are selective about the ammo they use in the first place, and it was tough getting ANY ammo.  Since that time, the upper has stayed on one of my benches collecting dust - it just wasn't worth it to try and hunt down lots of different types of ammo during the panic to see what would work.  As a result, there are probably less than 300 rounds fired through it.








The upper comes with the following accessories:

1 standard buffer
1 super heavy buffer
2 short carbine buffer spacers - the original that came with it, and a second, slightly shorter one that came back with the upper from it's visit with Eric
1 long rifle buffer spacer


6 200-round belts
1 50-round belt


1 belt loading kit - When I ship the upper out, I'll remove the kit from the 2x4.  It's just a piece of scrap wood.

2 metal feedboxes, created by ARFCOM member Southern_Raider.  Note that the feedboxes are meant attach to the left side only.  They'll attach to the right side, but there's nothing to lock them in place, and there's no real way to feed an empty belt into it reliably.
1 brass catcher, also created by Southern_Raider

1 Armorer's Block


1 aluminium charging handle in the upper along with 2 extra plastic charging handles, so 3 total (I swapped out the AL and a plastic handle for the pic)
1 Armorer's Block Bolt Stop


1 4'oclock hammer spring
I also attached an FAL-style carry handle to the upper, as seen in the pics.

A second barrel shroud, retaining nut, and threaded barrel collar.  The barrel collar has the same thread as an uppper receiver assembly so that you can attach a standard rail.  I bought that from Lakeside when I (very) briefly went through a phase wanting a rail on the gun, as seen in the below pic:


I was on the waiting list for an advanced spare parts kit, and back in March Lakeside contacted me with some available, so I bought a spare parts kit for $225.  The spare parts kit looks like a combination of both Razorback as well as a few other parts I can't identify (1919 miniature maybe?).  Using this diagram, these are the parts I identified for certain:

1 Firing Pin
1 Extractor
1 Flipper Cam
1 Feed Lever
2 Feed Pawl Springs
1 Wave Washer
1 U-Clip
1 Plastic Charging Handle
1 4 O’ Clock Hammer Spring
1 Standard (?) Hammer Spring
1 Disconnector Spring
1 Feed Lever Screw
1 E-Clip
1 Flipper Cam Retaining Spring
1 Firing Pin Spring

There are other parts I can't identify, but since Eric sent them I'm sure they fit in there somewhere.  You can see for yourself what came in the kit with the following pics:


The 4 O’ Clock Hammer Spring sitting beside the parts kit box is the one that originally came with the upper.

I'm selling this as a package deal and will not sell the parts separately.  If you'd like specific pics please don't hesitate to contact me.  If you live local to me in NW Atlanta (or have a friend that does) and want to see it, contact me and we'll work something out.  

$1700 shipped & insured with delivery confirmation - this is less than I paid for the Razorback alone, not counting all the accessories and parts.  I'll accept either Postal money orders or PayPal + 3.5% (no gift option).

Thanks for looking,


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