WTS 1918 Marlin Rockwell B A R retofitted to 1918A2 configuration

Location: Idaho

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Exceptional Marlin Rockwell BAR 1918 converted through the military to a A2 configuration. Includes one magazine.Great old war horse that should be in any collection of war rifles. Test Fired Registered on a form 4 in Idaho C&R eligible. 50/50 payment. Shipping $175  Condition is fine to near excellent as arsenal refurbished. B A R'S were built beginning in mid 1918 and WWI ended in November of 1918.These guns then went into Army storage and most were reworked .Marlin represented 5% of production 36K

IMG_0074 (1).JPG

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IMG_0081 (1).JPG

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Bump This rifle will be available for inspection at Knob Creek ,4-1 and 4-2. Please pm me for table location

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