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So House Bill 961 passed the House of Delegates today 51-48. 4 Democrats said no to the proposal but it still passed!

It will be heading to the State Senate tomorrow. 

Here is a list of all the State Senators.

Here is a lawyer on the ground in Virginia

This is the list of Senators he said to contact that he's thinks we can sway. 
(434) 296-5491
Criegh Deeds 
804 698 7521
John Edwards 
Joe Morressey 

This is my Emil I have sent to them:

Senator Deeds, 

After following the lead up to the House of Delegates passing the Virginia Assault Weapons Ban bill, I sternly agree that you oppose this bill. This would make people felons over night by having pieces of plastic (high capacity magazines) in their possession. Not only that there is visually no data to show that this ban will make people safer in Virginia. Less than 1% of all gun deaths involved a rifle of any kind, in-fact I only read a hand full of cases in Virginia that involved a rifle and any kind. This is taking away our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. There are multiple occasions through out the country where and Assault Weapon is used to defend their family. Once again please oppose House bill 961

Mark Iacovetta 

Reference :


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