WTS M11A1 Converted to 9MM W/ Lage Upper Form 3

Location: Wallingford, CT

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This RPD M11A1 started life as a single stack .380. However it is now a double stack 9MM that accepts stock M11 magazines. This transformation was done by replacing the grip and adding a Lage Max 11A1/9 MK2. I have also added a three lug adapter to the 9 1/4" barrel. The work was done by Mike Kloss. I have also added the Lage Fixed 8 7/8 butt stock. This makes for a compact and fun little buzz gun. It will come with 10 magazines. 2 factory Zytel new or barely used, 5 from Recon Ordnance and 3 Unknown steel. All 30 rounders. This will transfer using a Form 3 to your dealer via Eforms. 7.5K plus shipping.

I will accept personal checks Bank Checks and Postal money orders, Credit Cards taken over the phone only, please add 4%. Shipping and insurance is $75.00 to your FFL. If you have a UPS account I can also ship it using your account. Please be sure this is legal where you live before you bid. Remarcable Arms is not responsible for damages caused by the shipping company. No sales of anything to CA. This is also for sale in the shop so it may be removed at any time before a commitment is made. However once I get a commitment it is removed from the shop inventory as sold.



added payment and shipping info

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