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A Tale of Woe. January 2019
Had an M-950 NO XX9126 here that I thought would make a cool Prop Rental Gun for our subsidiary, Movie Gun Services. Got it almost finished but needed a Trigger Trip Bar. Contacted Christopher Robert Holgren who had said he bought all the assets and machinery of the defuncted CALICO a few years ago, for the specific part. He sent it to me suggesting I send him the NFA registered MG for his completion. We laser engraved his supplied part here, efiled the transfer for repair, and shipped it to
1090 Hemlock St. Elgin, Oregon.  CALICO GADSDEN GROUP TRIPLE NICKLE. Fedex Tracking has it arriving at the business. Multiple calls and emails not returned since shipping last January 2019.
Another business listed in the building is Omnicut, Inc. 
These are the names associated with both businesses via court records:
Heather Holgren Jones
Douglas Holgren
Sherrie Holgren
Tara Townsend
Alicia Bice
Rick Gentry
Jeff Smith

Cody Hjelm

Called the Portland BATFE Industry Area Supervisor and was told there are multiple "problems" there, and that since I had willfully shipped the Transferred gun there, I had no liabilities but they could do nothing. Sent them a copy of the Transfer just in case it popped up at another business in the area. I was told to file a complaint with the State Attorney General in Oregon which went nowhere. I was told the A/G's office had no one who could handle my complaint due to short staffing and lack of a budget. 

Just checked the FFL E Z Check website and Calico's FFL & SOT are still active.

Does anybody have any information on this operation and/or it's Principals in the boondocks of the Pacific Northwest?

Inquiring minds want to know. 


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Hmm I was looking at one of thier 22lr kits for a mac.  A lady called me back said they only had for m11 not m10.  M10 still in the works.  I did call 4 or 4 times before she called back.

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