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I am buying an NFA item from a person in my state, so  no need to go through an SOT/FFL.  We are going from Trust to Trust on a Form 4.  He has a different address on his trust, that the address where he lives. He now resides in a new address ( in the same state) and has annotated that in block 3e of the form 4.  So here is my question. 

Will this cause an issue with the Transfer?  I remember I had a 5320.20 rejected as my form 4 had my old address for the item.  The examiner actually called me and asked my to file a 5320.20 for a permanent move ( across town), so they could update their database, and subsequently approved the form.  

Will the ATF mail the approved form back the to address on Block 3a or 3e?  



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For same-state moves, updating the address was supposed to be a courtesy to the ATF, not a requirement.

I'd probably call NFA Branch and ask. I wouldn't think it would be a problem, but the ATF is infamous for making shit more difficult than it needs to be.

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Shouldn't be necessary but if you're worried about it you can just ask the seller to fill out a 5320.20 marked permanent and send it in.  The .20 will get processed a heck of a lot quicker than the F4.

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