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WTS: JRW .223 M60 Feed Tray / .223 Extractors

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    For those of you who are not familiar with John Weaver (JRW) ... He designed a semi automatic M60 in the late 80s early 1990s (his design was approved by the ATF in the early 90's after years of back and forth). At the same time, John had designed a .223 conversion kit for the M60. Unfortunately John died in a motorcycle accident back in the 90s. Very few of his parts are still out there circulating.

    Years ago,  a friend of John and his family reached out to me about M60 parts and post sample machine guns that were still in John's estate. I ended up purchasing a good amount of the M60 parts. When I went through everything I found that John's original tools for setting rivets were in there. Also was his .223 M60 extractor jig (the extractors have to be modified to grab the .223 cartridge), multiple extractors, a belt pawl, and a bunch of other stuff I may have missed. It was all just piled in a box when I go it. I also got one of his original .223 feed trays. It is marked "JRW 012" .. One of the more important parts for the .223 conversion. Amazingly, the extractor jig still has an extractor in it that John was modifying... The very last one ever that he worked on sadly. The extractor is still in there as I never removed it.

    I have been sitting on this stuff for a very long time and the reality is I will never use it. So I am selling it as one small lot of parts. 

Price - $375 plus shipping ($7.90)

Aaron - Mohnton, Pa










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Aaron, John was a good friend and a genius. Was loved by all. Remember well when he passed. He was at the height of his creative career. Sad. He got me hooked up with Reed Knight who at the time had 3 M-60’s to sell that were consecutively numbered. I foolishly bought only one. I also learned u weren’t going to have a short conversation with Reed! 

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@Aros , yes it is sad how he passed at the peak of doing such great things. I love hearing from people who were close with John. All have had such good things to say about him which is a testament to his character and the work he was doing within the NFA community.

   Even if you only got one of Reed’s 60s I’m sure it is premium example of one! 

Thanks for sharing 



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