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mike todd

my life is OVER!


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MINE GOT! I JUST LEARNED I HAVE BEEN BANNED " FOREVER" FROM 1919 A4 .COM. actually I quit that cheese ball group of ass wipes 20+ years ago. the ONLY reason I went back was an attempt to help my bro RL figure out just why a member failed to pay for a large lot of parts. come to find out he was being cheated to the tune of more than $5kby some closet member using the handle "LUCKY13".he has been around a LONG TIME and got himself in "trouble" mainly by trusting other's that forced him  into a corner.  over the years, I have learned that its very easy for "OTHERS" to put you in a position that endangers your reputation and I NEVER judge using that criteria!  HOW THEY TAKE CARE OF THE PROBLEM IS ALL THAT COUNTS. and in this case HE SUCKS!

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email        

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