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WTS CMMG Banshee/ No law letter posties

Location: Illinois

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CMMG Banshee 9mm SBR. 5.5”  brand new in box ready to eform to dealer. $1175 shipped.

ALL ARE FACTORY POST SAMPLES   Must be manufacturer 07/02 or 08 to buy without law letter.

Kriss Vector .45 Demo $4500
Kriss Vector .45 New never fired $5000
CZ Scorpion EVO A1 Demo $7500
HK MP5 A3 Demo $4500. Sold
UMP 45 Demo $3000
Sig 552-2 Commando Demo $7000
SAR Arms mle 12-12 select fire 12 gauge $3000
HK G36C Demo $7000
Glock 18 Demo $5500
FN M249SAW New never fired $20,000
HK 416 Trigger pack $4000
HK 416 Trigger pack $4000
HK 1-3-full 9mm pack $2500
HK SEF 9mm pack $1500

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