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SOLD: MP5 SMG BETA C-MAG System $265 shipped

Location: Parts and Accessories Market Board

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I have a used great condition BETA COMPANY C-MAG for the MP5 SMG which I bought last year here on which I have never used because I sold my Pre May 1986 MP5A3 SMG shortly after I bought the BETA C-MAG and no longer need it. The MP5 SMG BETA C-MAG System consists of the following components.

ONE:  MP5 C-MAG Magazine

ONE:  Personal Loader

ONE:  Carrying Pouch Black Drab

ONE:  Technical Information & Maintenance Manual

ONE:  Dry Lubricant Tube

ONE:  Pocket Screw Driver Tool

I would like to sell it for what I paid for it which is $250 plus $15 shipping = $265.00 TOTAL


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