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Hello experts!  I recently picked up one of the early M72 LAW Launchers  I would like to restore the basic function, (NOT actually firing explosives!), cosmetics,

and then maybe make a Flare launcher or maybe a T-Shirt Cannon if possible? 

As far as function goes, the inside tube only pulls out 1 3/4 inches...

I had to spray the heck out of it with WD to get it to move at all. It was jammed shut and would not budge.

The line that pulls on the firing pin is either missing or fell back inside the firing or trigger mechanism assembly.

There are two straps that seem to hold on the whole firing assembly.

Could something in there be jamming up the tube? If I take the two straps off will that be enough to remove the trigger assembly,

or will I have to drill out the three rivets on each side also?

The parts I am looking for are for the early model M72 and NOT the M72A1:

So here goes, I am looking for:

Front Cap with carry strap assembly

Front Sight

The Black "US ARMY" Sticker that wraps around the whole tube at the front

The Rubber Boot on the Trigger or firing Mechanism

The other Rubber Boot that goes on the end of the tube at the 3 o'clock position (looking from the back of the tube)

I know that I can find some of the parts on the Bay, but I was hoping someone would have them all for sale and if not

then I would rather buy it piece by piece on a forum rather than give my money to the @$$ Wipes that run the Greed Bay.

Please Message me or post a reply here If you have any of the parts for sale or can give me any advice.

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No one here collecting these toys?

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Why not buy another launcher to cannibalize or replace the one you have and use yours for future parts doner

just a thought

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That's a lot of parts that would take a long time to find each one. I think it might be cheaper to buy another one than buy piece by piece.

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