WTS: 1919A4 semi-auto receiver with internal parts kit $2250 shipped OBO

Location: Greenville, SC

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For sale a .308 1919A4 completed semi-auto receiver. Also included is all parts needed (with modifications) to complete receiver into a semi-auto firearm.

Also included: 100 belt links

Receiver was built in 2012 using US GI parts kit derived from 308 converted gun from Israel and was left over from a batch of guns that we built in that period, but these internals were never completed.

Springs, cotter pins, rear sight parts, screws, and any worn parts were replaced with new ones from Ohio Ordnance Works. Package also includes semi-auto trigger, spring, and sear.

Receiver is completed except for installing new rear sight parts.


Receiver engraving on right side plate:


U.S.      CAL.30      M1919A4


         S/N SA 062XXX


Also has Gordon Specialty Arms (GSA) logo


Work needed to complete firearm:

Barrel extension needs to be modified to fit semi receiver

Lock frame assembly needs to be modified for semi trigger and to fit semi receiver.

Bolt needs to be modified for semi sear and to fit receiver.

Parts kits are scarce and demand a premium. Most of the hard work (building the receiver) has been done for you



Must be shipped to FFL.

Can also be used as host gun for "Post 86 Sample" by 07/02 FFL. Will also include FA sear and trigger (if buyer does not have 02 SOT...these parts will be removed)

ALL NFA rules apply


Please email or text with any questions, rather than posting or PM

Thanks for looking,


Gordon Specialty Arms




1919A4 parts_144328.jpg

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lowered price

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Lower price

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