So the wife and I take a break from all the bad Anti Gun


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News and go to see Natalie McMaster and family at the Hylton Center in Manassas, Va.  

I'm trying to maintain my blood pressure and composure from a week of non-stop aggravation with all this commie gun laws b.s. gong on. Trying to get some cultural relief.

Pull into the parking area, and we pull right next to a Prius ( Grrr...sorry Prius guys, these cars are just to frigging ghey for this old guy,most driving these fxg mobiles think they're saving the world) with a bumper sticker "Change the gun laws or change Congress", and then I see more with "We like Warren", and then some Bernie stickers....the blood pressure is rising, I can feel it.

We go inside & I feel like I'm behind enemy lines, libtards everywhere. Green hair, pink hair, nose rings...I start to think WTF....Celtic music, Celtic culture, my Celtic ancestors from Swansea Wales were WARRIORS....how do these sissy liberals identify with that warrior culture?

I'm mystified, but thank God no politics once I'm inside...relief.

Blood pressure dropped, I even got upgraded to front row seats!

The Natalie McMaster Christmas Concert is one NOT to miss if you like Celtic music, fiddle or just like Christmas concerts. It was even better than last year's show. This has to be one of the most talented families I've ever seen perform. Fantastic! There are a number of shows left on the east coast. One in Gettysburg , Pa this coming week.

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