223 Reloading Bullets, Brass, Powder, Trimmer BULK BULK BULK!

Location: Ludington, Michigan 49431

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 Pulled 223 55gr FMJ M193 Bullets
Qty: 3000 in a 30 cal can. $200 ea + $20 ea to ship
(3) Available

Pulled 223 62gr M856 Bullets (Tracer and Incendiary) Most will light & some will Incendiary upon impact...
Qty: 1000 in a sealed bag $125 ea + $15 ea to ship
(0) Available SOLD

223 Mixed Brass. Wet Tumbled, Dried, Deprimed/Sized, Swedged, Full Length Sized again on a Dillon 1050 using Carbide Dies. They just need to be trimmed for the bullet your loading with. 57 lbs per bucket of cleaned, de-primed brass. Should be about 4300 cases per bucket.
$250 per 5 gallon bucket Shipping is $40 per box to ship.
(2) Available plus a little bit in the box.

16-20 lbs of Varget available to. If someone is interested in all I would sell a Giraud Trimmer set up for 223 for $475 as well. Its NEW. I was going to buy a machine gun in 223 and have decided to get a belt fed...
Ludington 49431
231-five, one, Zero -Seven 77 Six

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