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THANK GOD FOR CLEAR HEADED HARD ASSES LIKE BROTHER BOB! 3 CHEERS FOR HIM! only problem is I come to STURM to hide out from all the TRASH from BOTH sides and he just gets me pissed off SO NOW I NEED TO VENT! most will be useless dribble that benefits MY head only, and I LIKE THAT so if you don't, tough ca/ca GO AWAY!   I have always enjoyed reading and as a result gained skills that helped me enough to jump grades twice during grade school. I ended up firmly attached to a professor with a phd in history that worked with me more than a decade. she told my parents that I was a "genius destined to become a successful author". little did she know that I actually preferred the smell of cordite much more than reading!  and the BREN got more attention than my IBM electric.  as I grew older I developed a taste for authors that focused on details like CAPOTE or KING and would often read the same book several times and in my mind become one of the main characters . THAT ability also developed with movies and my MAIN purpose with this thread. WHEN I GET REALLY PISSED AT THE GOVT, I simply watch DOWNFALL one more time. instead of the NAZI'S suffering its ANY GOVT I CHOOSE and TODAY it was A  LIBERAL GOVT from the future GOING DOWN! DAMN IT WAS GOOOOD ! I mellowed out and could think straight again , just for a while. then all the reflection started about why and when things started to change? WELL OF COURSE I HAVE AN OPINION ABOUT THAT ALSO!  first and foremost I don't believe man was designed to be "governed" by ANYBODY. we are animals and like all animals like to be free to "scamper"  feed, mate and roam without constraintamong others OF OUR KIND if that's not you, your DNA is mucked up and its been bred out of you. FOLKS in the know say you cant tame a 100% wolf to be domestic, take a ZEBRA FOAL at birth and you still wont ride it. how did this DNA GET MUCKED? on the BATTLE FIELD! just in the 20th century how many millions fell while the lame bastards remained at home. 5000+ fell in the first hour on OMAHA , GOLD and JUNO JUNE 6 , 1944 confirmed by pics from the  first air recon. KOREA and NAM  the ratio was even worse , by then the deferments were WELL known to the garbage spewing sperm unabated on the lawns of the university's and in the back ally's of our larger cities. politically the failure of AMERICAN SOCIETY began when the GOVT forced us to "allow" ethnic groups to flourish separate by traditions or language rather than AMERICANS with common values.  HELL YES there were abuses, certainly little willy knew better than to seek your daughter but drive cars and people die. ITS THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS. MOST of our cities were safe yes HARLEM was NOT, NEW ORLEANS WAS NOT wonder why? ITS THE ANIMALS THAT LIVE THERE!  you did not see groups prowling "out of zone" seeking victims !  ALL NORMAL !  YES even after 54 years of affirmative action the prisons seem racially unfair to some, but WATCH LIVE PD FOR A MONTH and even JESSE JACKSON will be speechless. YES I do find MORGAN FREEMAN entertaining, BUT despite all HOLLYWOOD can muster, he is NOT my GOD! and don't believe he has good feelings for you or me. DEEP DOWN the HATE is still there. ever wonder why the motor vehicle department smells so bad?  THATS HATRED. keep it coming R.L. you give good post!

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Take it easy Buddie. its all gonna be alright.

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