Bushmaster XM15E2 (Fully Transferable) 5.56mm M16 Machine-Gun on a Form-3 e-file. Reduced Price

Location: Hastings, Michigan

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I have a Bushmaster XM15E2 (Fully Transferable) M16 Machine-Gun up for sale. It is a Select Fire 5.56mm Fully Automatic Machine-Gun in Great Condition. It is currently at my Class-3 SOT Dealer in Hastings Michigan on a Form-3.

Yes its on a FORM-3 E-File .......   Very Fast E-File from my SOT Dealer and it will be Approve in 2 days and at your Dealer very quickly.

I have this priced to Sell Fast due to a Family Matter.

These are selling for between $20,000 and $21000 on other sites.

Only $18500 Shipped to your Class-3 Dealer.

Reduced to Only $17,750 Shipped.

BushMaster Left Full.png

BushMaster Left Close Up..png

BushMaster M16 Right Close Up.png

BushMaster M16 Right Side.png

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I will go $17,750 to move this quickly. This is a Hell of a Deal on a Transferable MilSpec M16 made by one of the Best Companies out there, Bushmaster....  

I see people selling Olympic Arms (Non-MilSpec) M16's for $20K and they have issues with working with Modern Lower Receivers. I also see Colt SP1 Slab Side conversions with the annoying Large front pivot hole selling for over $20 Grand. So this is an Awesome Deal here.

This will do nothing but go up in value. So when you buy this one you will already be making money on your Investment due to the Awesome Price.

Only $17,750 Shipped.

Thanks for looking.

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