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I attended an estate auction which included firearms.  I ended up with a Galil AR.  It is in conflict with some of the information that is included on this website.  The serial number is AAL-20968xx.  It does not have a bayonet lug.  It has a folding stock.  On the  rear left hand of the receiver is four lines of stampings.  1st line-S.AUTO GALIL, second line-CAL. 308 WIN, third line-MODEL 329S (and the S is much larger than the rest of the letters.  Forth line-IMI-ISRAEL

It has a flash suppressor which is has some sort of wire type fixing device?  Forearm is black plastic.  On the rear site is stamped '6866'  The front site has s flip up paddle thing with a white line in it.  the rear site has two different peep sites and a big flip up 'U' site.  The firearm internals have a small amount of grease/cosmoline and the magazines have a moderate amount of grease/cosmoline in them.  The firearm appears to be unfired.  

According to your website the firearm is supposed to have a thumbhole stock.  This does not.  I also has a flash suppressor.  I have the box.  Is my firearm "normal"?




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"The Website" says A-OK. You are normal and free to go .

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