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wts Harris Folding Bipod 1A2-H .. Extending Legs .. attaches to front sling stud .. $60 shipped


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 WTS  Harris Folding Bipod 1A2-H   .. Extending Legs .. attaches to front sling stud ..  $60 shipped
Had this Harris Bipod over 30 years ..... never used ..... just sitting in the gun closet.
Legs are 13 inches ..... Extends out to 23 inches ...... Legs are spring retractable.
I see no model number stamped anywhere.
attaches to front bolt action Rifle sling stud ..... has ability to reattach sling to Bipod ......  Soft pads .... protect wood from metal contact ..... still excellent 
$60 shipped  US Priority Mail 
Info from the internet ...... this matches my Bipod 
Harris BiPod Solid Base 13.5-23 inch 1A2-H
by Harris Engineering
versatile, sturdy, light and fast
made from high strength anodized aluminum alloy
stressed parts are tempered spring steel
bipods clamp to most Q.D. stud-equpped bolt action rifles and have sling attachment provision and adjustment for off center stud
spring loaded folding legs are quickly adjustable for height

Payment Options.......
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Required within 24 Hours
US Postal Money Order
Required within 5 days

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Thanks for Looking





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