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Orange bakelite AK magazine Tula

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Russian 7.62x39mm AK magazine $85.00 plus $8.00 shipping.

I have several available both Tula and Izhevsk same price.

PM if interested

From the book AK-47 The Grim Reaper II

During the late 1950s the Soviet designers turned to a new composite plastic material. They manufactured their first generation nonmetallic magazines from a fiber-reinforced AG-4S variations of the 7.62x39mm orange, phenol plastic magazines, including those made by Tula and Izhmash, known to collectors as: long-tops, short-tops, ribbed (hump back), and flat-backs.  phenol plastic. The magazines were introduced a few years after the appearance of the stamped receiver AKM rifle, around 1965. The plastic magazines were primarily manufactured by the same factories that produced the steel magazines and have their factory logo and the factory die number molded into the sides of the magazine’s body. The plastic magazines were an orange color that varied slightly from lot to lot and by manufacturer. The latching lugs and feed lips of the magazine were made of steel and molded into the plastic. The spring, follower, floor plates, and floor plate retainers were also made of steel. There have been several magazines of this type observed that have had followers made from aluminum. There are several





tula 2.JPG

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