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L2A1 Australian 7.62 NATO Pre May Dealer Sample

Location: Ellisville, MS

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$6500 shipped.  Do you have a transferable machine gun you want to trade? If so, let me know and let's work a deal. 

Excellent condition L2A1 Australian 7.62 NATO machine gun with low round count. I've owned this for a couple years and in that time have only fired a few magazines through it. Functions flawlessly comes with one inch pattern magazine.

On form 3 for immediate efile transfer. I will accept half down and half payment once approved which should take a month or less.


This weapon is only available to current FFL/SOT holders. This is not a restricted sample that requires a LEO demo letter. It is a pre May sales sample that any FFL/SOT holder can retain ownership of after you surrender or let your SOT go. I will accept half down and half due upon BATFE approval but full payment required before shipment. Business or personal checks require a 7 day hold to clear. Wire transfer and USPS Money Order ship same or next day after BATFE approval.

Guaranteed satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied, I will refund all but shipping fee to and from. I'm a longstand FFL/SOT with perfect feedback. I also have many references available upon request.








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