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All we are a 07/SOT Manufacturer in Ohio-

  Now that M60 Joe has retired we here to serve the needs of LL owners I own a few registered links myself, and we have made a run of paddles for registered link owners.  They are EDM cut and already enhanced for use with KNS protector.  We have been out of these for a while and just ran another batch so grab one now as an insurance policy for years of additional use.  Again these are good EDM cut out of Spring steel not a hacksaw blade or other home hack job so they will not crack or break and are better than the origional.  There are a lot of Substandard ones floating out there.  worst thing is to use one of those out of spec ones and you have broken ears.

AR-15 Paddles Thick .050 or Thin .032  $30 for 1 shipped,  $20 for each additional

AR-10 tall Paddle Thick only works in Armalite only  $35 for 1, 25 each additional shipped

We also do the following carrier modifications for use in various setups: call or email for pricing

AR-15, HK 416 upper, 9mm ramped (Colt or Glock Mag), FM9 beltfed, CMMG Banshee BCG (All calibers), AR-10 .308 (Armalite Only)

Build Work/Repairs:

Receiver relief cuts on AR15 and Armalite  lowers, insuring proper clearances for your link

Custom Host builds, troubleshooting 

Link Repairs (if totally broken)

Select Fire modification (requires you supply 3rd burst kit trigger and disconnectors) UPDATE 1/15 sold my last 2 kits.  DPMS has stock but they are little pricey 

Hosts/Stripped Lowers in stock ready to ship to your FFL

1 Spikes Tactical Nickel Boron 10th Anniversery Host.  All custom Nickel Boron Gun Carbon Fiber HG:  Surplus Ammo and Arms (Stripped) 

Other Items Avaliable

Rear repair sections including ears- can be used to repair a broken link (Just repair section only can not make a new link from it)

75% Lightning Link Templates Kits- avaliable to 07/SOT only. With proper form 2 and some finish work near exact copy of origional 


JEC Enterprises

John Ciszek 07/SOT Owner

+1.510.406.4193 call or text

PS we are only taking Lightning Link work now sorry we do none of the other repair great work that Joe used to do on recievers.

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Edit burst kits sold
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Just found a couple kits.  Already.modified for the link.  210 shipped.  Have 2 left.

Update both kits.sold 1/15.  Looking for reasonably price source of burst kits.  Only.ones I can find now are dpms and are 50 to60 bucks more.

Let me know if anyone has a better source.

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Update burst kits sold

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So, are you doing all the mods that M60 Joe Does/did? 

Lets hear it.. What exactly do you do? I know cusz,we've done

business in the past through a third party.So what is exactly you? time frames? 

If I remember correctly, they were in between your trips to Asia? anything changed?

Just wondering.., I have customers  asking

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   I laid out the basic stuff in the add.  We are mainly.focused on link work.  For all the normal.stuff carrier cuts and other modifications we are running a week or 2 if that.  Recievers your.looking about 2 to 3 weeks at most.  I'm a sole prop and I do all reciever work  and custom stuff as where my.guys can do some of the other work like bolts and kits.  

Yes I do travel about once a month for about a week which is why recievers take a little.longer.but again max.3 weeks. If you hit it right short as a week.  Back when I did those recievers for your customer.i was traveling for 3 weeks out of the month at.the time.  So it did take a long while and was not the norm. No longer the case with my schedule

 Also if I remember the those were in nfa wait times.anyway so.the customer.was.not in a hurry. And was ok with the extended wait

In addition to the standard services in the ad.  Where we shine is in the custom work for links.  If you want a shooter reciever can take a an anderson or other cheap reciever your self and buy one of my stripped adersons for 160 bucks ready to go.  Where we the non standard recievers where the owner wants that specific reciever host.   For instance the 2 colts I did for your customer.  Both were not standard work and had a lot.of extra issues to be used as a host  the reissue M4 one had that damm steel sear block pinned in into the shelf and through the side of the where the sear pin would be on the reciever.  That was a real bitch to remove not mess up the gun amd also not leave a big pin hole in the side of the reciever.  Colt were.such.bastards who puts a steel block in an aluminum reciever WTF.  They got their wish it was in no way cost effective to to be used as a auto host.  In the time.i spent on that one I could.have built 3 other hosts.   But the customer wanted that prancing horse and it to say M4 amd thats what he got.  

The other one was one of the colt 9mm guns with large trigger and hammer.pins and that stupid proprietary colt hammer designed to work with the notched bolt.  Well.once.the ramped or.if you use a standard 9mm semi bolt it will not reset the hammer.  So we had to locate colt 223.large pin hammer and modify it to work.  Also the customer wanted it.  Well burst kits are.small milspec pin.  So we had to do the semi disconnector trick to for him. Went through 2 discos to get it right.  Which by the way hammers.and.fcg appear to be discontinued by colt.   But if you want ot to say colt then your choices Same.with the 416 guys

As we do the hk416 uppers and bolt modification. That takes a while as for some.reason there is no standard carrier cut like a 556 that works each requires a unique cut and testing to work with the thin paddle.  Same with fm9.  Joe never would have touched the sear block.416 or fm9  or bamshee work he was strictly.556 and 9mm only.  I love my fa banshee 45 btw.

Same.with  carrier work if you want a standard 5.56 bcg young mfg.does for the link its 200 bucks when in stock.  Where as of you have one cut you have about 150 bucks in it with the carrier and the cut. But usually you dont have me.cut a carrier to save 50 bucks.  If you want you carrier to say HK on on it with a link  in your 416 clone your.choices

You can not buy a fm9, 9mm,banshee, or ar10 carrier they have to be made for a link which is what we specialize in for link.owners.  Plus banshee or similar they take a.little.tinkering so if you want one of these then we are.your guy.  I specialize in links.because own 2 and have a passion for them not nessecarly.because it makes business sense. 9-)

So now after posting this I think you are.correct my ad.was missing some.of the additional link services that set us apart and hopefully adressed any concerns about backlog or current turnaround  time. 




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