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Location: JEC Enterprises Ohio

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All we are a 07/SOT Manufacturer in Ohio-

  Now that M60 Joe has retired we here to serve the needs of LL owners I own a few registered links myself, and we have made a run of paddles for registered link owners.  They are EDM cut and already enhanced for use with KNS protector.  We have been out of these for a while and just ran another batch so grab one now as an insurance policy for years of additional use.  Again these are good EDM cut out of Spring steel not a hacksaw blade or other home hack job so they will not crack or break and are better than the origional.  There are a lot of Substandard ones floating out there.  worst thing is to use one of those out of spec ones and you have broken ears.

AR-15 Paddles Thick .050 or Thin .032  $30 for 1 shipped,  $20 for each additional

AR-10 tall Paddle Thick only works in Armalite only  $35 for 1, 25 each additional shipped

We also do the following carrier modifications for use in various setups: call or email for pricing

AR-15, HK 416 upper, 9mm ramped (Colt or Glock Mag), FM9 beltfed, CMMG Banshee BCG (All calibers), AR-10 .308 (Armalite Only)

Build Work/Repairs:

Receiver relief cuts on AR15 and Armalite  lowers, insuring proper clearances for your link

Custom Host builds, troubleshooting 

Link Repairs (if totally broken)

Select Fire modification (requires you supply 3rd burst kit trigger and disconnectors)

Hosts/Stripped Lowers in stock ready to ship to your FFL

1 Spikes Tactical Nickel Boron 10th Anniversery Host.  All custom Nickel Boron Gun Carbon Fiber HG:  Surplus Ammo and Arms (Stripped) 

Other Items Avaliable

Rear repair sections including ears- can be used to repair a broken link (Just repair section only can not make a new link from it)

75% Lightning Link Templates Kits- avaliable to 07/SOT only. With proper form 2 and some finish work near exact copy of origional 


JEC Enterprises

John Ciszek 07/SOT Owner

+1.510.406.4193 call or text

PS we are only taking Lightning Link work now sorry we do none of the other repair great work that Joe used to do on recievers.

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