Edward Gallagher Decorated War Hero, Navy Seal


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Screwed over by the Navy again. WTF has happened to our Special Forces command structure? I'm a a loss to understand this latest example of chichen shit, vindictive bitch behavior by some pussy Navy admiral.

The Navy trains these exceptional warriors to kill, let's make no mistake what their function in this elite force is. It is to KILL WITH IMPUNITY, as fast and efficiently as possible. This isn't about winning the hearts of the population of whatever nation they are operating in. It's about eliminating threats by terrorists and terminating this terrorist islamic trash.

It's about killing islamic terrorist pussies who torture, maim and plan terrorist attacks on non believers all over the world. So a distinguished decorated  war fighter pisses on an islamic POS enemy combatant, and you ruin his career??? WTF is up with this??

Dead is dead, maybe this behavior was in poor taste, but certainly not an act that should require a court marshall and punitive action, against a hero?

US Navy ur a fxcking disgrace. How dare you attack one of your best, to please who?? Some Adam Shit type pussy boy in Congress?

WTF is wrong with with the Navy today, this is a Goddamn disgrace!!!



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