WTS: M3, M3A1, M3A2 Grease Gun Original USGI Magazines Price Lowered!

Location: Antioch, IL

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Hello fellow enthusiasts, I have 10 USGI Grease Gun Magazines for sale. They are 30 rounders I believe,

8 are:    SPW   GL    C-153427   &    2 are:    KL     GL    C153427  Obviously USGI Surplus Mags  

about 3 or 4 have pitting I think only 2 have large areas of it. 4 or 5 have one or two at most each, tiny dings in the sides

and all have minor scratches. Couple of the pics the mags will look crappy because the grease had not been removed.

I am trying to describe best I can so no one is dis illusioned thinking they are getting NEW Mags. You will NOT get new mags!

As all you guys should know, these are THICK solid Mags. So any of the cosmetics will not have ANY effect on function.

Which means they should all function as well as new ones. There is ONE that has rust on the top end and follower. 

So you will have to clean up, ( Sand), the follower and top end of the mag, before you can use it.

Now, I only took the baseplate off of one. But inside it did look brand new!

I need to get $20 each so that would be $200 for the lot plus $25 for Priority Mail  Shipping! 










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Ok, No BULL SPIT!  Price drop to move them NOW! $225 for the ten Shipped! That comes down to $20 per Mag plus $18 for Priority Mail Shipping plus $7 for a half pint of lubricant  for the throat!  Don't quote me on this but I don't think you will find USGI Mags at this price.

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PM sent. I can PayPal anytime. 

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