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Another Forum? Is it Possible? Or am I just full of Hot Air?


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This is meant for the guys running the show, more or less. What do you think of adding a High power, large caliber, air gun forum?

I mean the type of air guns that start at $600 and go up to $2600 or more, that you fill with a Scuba tank or other large tank.

And use large caliber slugs to take down pest like Coyotes, hunt Deer and wild Boars.

There is a following for those and I believe you guys could use the extra following on this great site.  

I have no interest in the paintball and BB or AirSoft Market, and that is a totally different direction.

Although Paintball is good training for war, I think it has its' own forums and probably does not belong here.

But I see that there are not only Collectors Items listed here, but also serious hunting tools.

So I believe the pro air guns should not be ignored/overlooked.

Whatever you guys decide, you will always have me as a follower/supporter!

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