WTB German MP2 (Uzi) Cut-away Poster

Location: OH

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Looking for a German MP2 (Uzi) Cut-away and Action poster. 

Have a bunch of German Lehrtafel Bundeswehr posters for the MP5, G3 and other roller locks and since I recently received my RR Uzi from Ruben, I would also like to have German posters for the Uzi, since it was briefly adopted by the Germans. 

I have seen a few different examples online and in the Uzi SMG book, but have not been able to track one down currently for sale. Tried asking the Uzi Talk guys but that was not successful. 

Attached are examples I found on an expired German eBay and in the Uzi SMG book. 

(That stupid rapper Lil' Uzi Vert has ruined searching Google for anything Uzi related)


Please let me know if anyone knows any information regarding this. Even a high resolution jpeg of the posted would be greatly appreciated! 




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Never seen the German one but i have an Action Arms Uzi cut away poster. That was the only one I was aware of. Learn something new every day

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