Skoolz be closed in Chicago today... so now....


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We have 30,000 bonobo's with nothing to do, on the prowl in the city of Chicago. Jus lookin' for sumpin to do...like shoplift, strong arm robbery and other assorted and sundry crimes. 

Wonderful. How delightful.

Good job Mayor Lightfoot. 

I watched a report on Fox with the "alleged" teachers on strike this a.m. It look like a cross between an Anti-fag rally and a black lives matter rally.

Ooking and banging on drywall buckets. Real classy. Guaranteed to make a valid point, or points. 

Honestly, looking at the white teachers in the striking crowd, they look just like the wimpy soy boy and soy girl anti-fag protestors you see in  in Oregon.

No wonder our children's heads are being brain washed with the socialist agenda.. With fruit loops like this, what else would you expect. Poisoned at the starting blocks with socialist pipe dreams.

Vote Trump in 2020.

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