WTB .308 SR25/AR10 Auto Sear

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Looking to buy an auto sear for an SR25 conversion.

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AR-10 Auto-Connector


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The AR-10 Auto-Connector, the Lightning link that looks like a Drop in Auto Sear


The Drop In Auto Sear (DIAS), as described on this page, is a device when used in a semi-automatic AR-15 with M-16 fire control parts produces full auto fire by catching an M-16 hammer with a sear which is subsequent released when the carrier slams the sear during it's forward travel.  The Lightning Link, as described on this page, is a device that works to create automatic fire through the use of a paddle that releases of the disconnect via a lever action to produce automatic fire.  

On this page, I wish to share some photos of a hybrid design that combines the basic physical shape and interacts with the carrier like an AR-15 Drop In Auto Sear but function through tripping the disconnect like the SWD Lightning Link or auto connector.  It is the function, an auto-connector that leads me to refer to this new system as an AR-10 Auto-Connector while it can also be considered to be an AR-10 Lightning Link.  Regardless of the way it looks, it should be made clear that this is not a Drop In Auto Sear as this does not function as a sear in any way!

As a background, I have seen two of these AR-10 Auto-Connectors for sale.  The first Auto-Connector was sold as a Post Sample item and the Class 3 NFA dealer that was selling it was unable or unwilling to provide me with photos of the AR-10 Auto-Connector beyond a rather crude photo that he had posted on the web.  I spent some time looking into the AR-10 auto-connector but I was never able to determine who made it or obtain better photos for the website.

Well. here we are in September 2003 and I finally managed to find another C-3 dealer that has one of these for sale and this dealer was able and willing to supply photos of this "Lightning Link" for the AR-10 as shown below.

Please click any photo for a larger view.

ar10autoconnector_05_small.jpg ar10autoconnector_01_small.jpg ar10autoconnector_03_small.jpg
ar10autoconnector_10_small.jpg ar10autoconnector_06_small.jpg ar10autoconnector_07_small.jpg
ar10autoconnector_09_small.jpg ar10autoconnector_08_small.jpg ar10autoconnector_04_small.jpg

Quarterbore's Thanks:  I wish to forward my EXTREME thanks to Kevin of "X-TREME WEAPONS" for taking these photos for me to share here!

The AR-10 auto-connector as shown above sits inside an AR-10 like a Drop In Auto Sear would in an AR-10 and the trip as shown above will work with the AR-10 carrier.  When the carrier slams home, it strikes the rear of the trip which causes the trip to pivot downward and depress the AR-10 disconnect.  As long as the AR-10 Auto-Connector is properly timed such that the carrier is just about closed, this will be quite capable of producing reliable and safe full automatic fire from the AR-10 weapon system.

The host weapon, the AR-10 in this case, would require some modifications for this auto-connector to be used as the AR-10 has a high shelf that would prevent this unit from sitting in the lower properly and without exact sizes I am not sure if the lower would also require milling widthwise to accommodate the devise.  Beyond modifications to the lower, the AR-10 carrier would also need to be milled to provide adequate clearance and a proper contact point to so that the trip is struck at the proper time to ensure proper functioning of the weapon system.  Neither of these modifications would be terribly extensive and the host weapon would still be quite capable of functioning properly in semi-automatic mode when the devise was removed.

Now, it should be made clear that this item will be considered to be a machine gun all by itself and this item clearly falls into the non-transferable category of National Firearms Act weapons so the only people that can legally one one of these in the United States is Police and Military units plus properly licensed individuals that make or sell these to qualified Military or Police.  Just the same, I find this item extremely interesting and I share these photos and description here for the educational value this concept points to!

I would further love to hear from anybody that can advise who created this system so that I can provide appropriate credits.  I am also not sure if there is any patent or other legal rights over this design.  I am simply sharing as much as I do know with the hope that someone may be able to fill in some of the information that I am lacking!


Go to Quarterbore.com

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They dont make a autosear for the dpms 308.  A m16 sear can be made to work.  Easiest way is to junk the dpms buy a armalite and do a post sample lightning link.  Armalite uses standard ar15 parts so you can even install a modified burst kit for select fire.

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It would seem that some metalworking done to the M16 Sear (adding about 1/8" of height, but it must be angled so that when the selector is placed on Auto that it has the same activation point by the carrier).  Possibly some fine tuning to make sure it will be strong enough, and that when selector is in Semi auto, that the sear has no contact with the carrier.  except for the actual size of the carrier the area for the firing group is exactly the same.

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