WTS M11a1 with Accessories/Lage stuff! $6.7k

Location: Florida

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Up for sale is a RPB/SWD M11a1 380. SMG is in 
excellent shape and comes with original wire 
stock, custom side folder,(8) like new mags,Lage 
internal/external safety installed and LAGE grip 
in picture gonna install before sale),All new CNC  
internals for better reliability, NIB Custom Side 
Cocker by Sam at Practical Solutions, Steel flip up 
sights, Custom Soft case(by Elite Survival 
systems), original upper and bolt and a Lage 
MAX31a like new that turns this platform into a 
9mm from 380acp Small magwell and allows you to use Soumi 
Drum mags,Soumi coffin mags or converted Sten 
mags in 9mm!! I will post the link for Lage and can 
provide more pics for serious buyers!! Don't drag 
your feet on this one. These "Baby Macs" are 
super hot right now and are getting harder to find. 
Search my profile. I've sold many of smgs on here 
and can provide references!!! Ships free!!! And 
will transfer on a Form 3 from my Dealer. Ty for 




link to pics











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Wrong price!

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This is a good deal here folks. If my math is right, there's over $1500 in extras, putting the gun well under $5500 which is a darn good price these days.

Seller is good to go, deal with confidence.  He is one of the good guys.



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Great price!  If I didn't already have one I would be all over this package.  X2 on dealing in confidence with this seller. He is good to go.

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8 hours ago, Pointman Firearms said:

In the ad, Ty


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Info left out.

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