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I have for trade :
  FN  FAL  G series with IOP scope set up
Sig 550 SP2  with SIG hard  carrying case
  French FAMAS ( MAS 223 ) with bipod , mags , sling , cleaning kit...
Steyr AUG Special receiver , 24" Austrian barrel & bipod 
Armalite AR10 Portuguese contract , H&H receiver , semi auto
Norinco type 81 , 223 cal semi auto , full wood  stock ( I think the only one in the States )
Russian SVD imported by KBI with all accessories 
Chinese Norinco NDM  7.62x54 with all accessories 
Johnson 1941 SAR  &  bayonet
Reising model 60  45 ACP
Lux  FN-49  30-06 , all original
Egyptian FN49 8mm , unmolested all original
  Hard Times Armory registered receiver Steyr AUG
SG/42 German tool knife / bayonet  (WW2  experimental K98 bayonet)
All the guns are in pristine condition , collectors grade
Johnson 1941 lmg
Mauser Selbstlader
Norinco model 313  7.62x39
MAT49 smg , Erma EMP smg
Colt/Armalite    C&R    223  mg
Valmet m78  7.62x39 
Plesae , let me know if you might be interested .


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Shohola , PA

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Hi Shohola PA: I am interested in your SG42 bayonet that you listed in your ad in StG.  Unfortunately I do not have anything for trade that you listed - would you consider selling it rather than trading?  Fire back when you can - my email is - thanks !  Jim  GO ARMY - BEAT NAVY!

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I have the rare Valmet M78 in FACTORY 7.62x39 NOT a conversion, but not interested in trading. Getting ready to put on GB soon if interested

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