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I've been with USAA over 40 years. It once was a great company with the best insurance rates in the industry. I never questioned their rates or their rating in the industry. After I attempted to insure my Mercedes Sprinter van about 3 weeks ago, I started to get a little suspicious of this company.

I called in to report my new vehicle right from the dealership, and that's when I started to think the quality of service had changed in a negative way. I got this ahhem...Quanisha type idiot on the phone, and lets just say her command of the English language was rather limited. She had to "Ax" her supervisor dis and dat before answering, leading me to believe she wasn't that acquainted with the nuances of  her job.

Both the salesman and I had to read the VIN number to her 5X, and she STILL couldn't get it right.Then she announces she can't write my vehicle, for some unknown reason. My payments have never been late in 40 years, they are on auto pay. I have no tickets, no type of motor vehicle offenses.

Ol' Quanisha tried to offload my request to  a secondary high risk underwriter that "works" with USAA, Not USAA charging an unGodly amount for insurance. Both the dealer and I hung up on this retard.

So now WTF am I going to do? Can't use Progressive, the commie fxcks, I hate Geico too. So I remember the really stupid Emu ads for Liberty Mutual and I call as a joke. They offered me a great policy and a fair price. I bought a 1 year policy.

Fast forward to TODAY. I need a homeowners policy pronto, as I'm closing this Monday on the Maine property. I don't think twice and call USAA. After a lengthy conversation, the agent says they can't insure me, but they can refer me to another HIGH RISK company that works with USAA. So now I'm f-ing pissed, cause I can see these pricks are working a new scam to generate higher premiums, scamming members.

I'm super pissed, pacing the floor and ask the wife to call back using her USAA account #, and now magically they now can insure us for $1600 a year!!!! WTF is going on??

I call Liberty Mutual give them some info, they had most of the info about the new house themselves, which I found to be a little disturbing. Anywhoo, they come back with a quote in 5 minutes for a year that includes up to $237K dollars worth of MORE of insurance on personal items, guns, jewelry etc, $32K coverage for any outbuilding, and $316K coverage for replacement value if the house burns down..... for $658 dollars a year! Oh yea sign me up, got the policy!!

USAA can kiss my ass, I'm switching all of our insurance needs to Liberty Mutual. Google reviews for USAA and you'll see I'm not alone in my crappy USAA experience. Seems this once great company is not so great anymore. Another great part of the past...gone.



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