Closet Ghey wad Judge Napolitano let's it all hang out...


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I think ol' Judgie Napolitano has had his head pounded into the headboard from behind by his boyfriend, one time too many. repeated head knocking musta pounded the conservative right outtta him!

Looks like he's switched teams...again. Politically speaking anyway.

You did know ol' Judgie Nap is dyed in the wool "root tooter"... didn't you?

Surprise!!! Yep.

Well google his name and you'll see he's been living with his favorite male butt banger pal for years.

"Not that there's anything wrong with being ghey" al a "Seinfeld episode".

Wink, wink, nod, nod  who's that in the mens room I hear gagging? That U Nappie?

Anywhooo...the one time pretend RHINO judge now is saying President Trump committed criminal, impeachable acts. Ya just can't take the liberal out of most twinkies.

The widdle bitch is pissed  because the President didn't give him a federal judge's job. So now he acts like a little girl in a purse fight. 

So now we see what this weasel bitch is really all about....himself. Narcissistic punk ass.

Can wait to see President Trump mop up the floor with the faux American Indian Lezzy Warren after she thinks she's got it locked up as President.

Stay tuned folks, you ain't seen nuttin' yet.



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I don’t care who he bangs. He has been a staunch 2a supporter for a long time.

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