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Is it just me or doesn't this Adam Shit asshat look like a pedophile freak? Maybe it's the 1000 yd stare he has every time he's on the fake news. Maybe it's his effeminate mannerisms, a la Windsey Gwam the original "Nancy Boy".  

Every time I see this disgusting, light bulb headed Mr. Macke (South Park fans) looking, alleged representation of the male species, I see a sissy soy boy, pedophile freak! Maybe he's just a garden variety root tooter that likes men, but the bottom line is he ain't "normal".

Ever notice how the liberal dimwit, antifa type sissy boys have zero musculature, they look like a bunch of beanpoles (Beatoff O'Rourke boy) is a fine example) ... and how frigging fugly their women are?

And they really believe they have half a chance to defeat us in an all out civil war....WAFJ that is!

Ever see a SMOKING HOT female antifa protester? That's an oxymoron if there ever was one. You know...Usually 200-300+lbs,belly bigger than boobs,screaming like an an insane asylum resident, pink, green, red or  blue dyed hair, filthy, unkempt usually. Spouting absolute nonsense.

Nasty stretch pants about to burst, ear plugs, nose rings, claiming to be zero gender....you know the type!


"Liberalism is a disease for which there is no "LEGAL" cure." VOTE TRUMP in 2020, if you want to keep your guns.




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Just finished watching this S I S S Y-F R E A K -F R U I T with the 1000yd stare  put on his demented congressional dog and pony show. Democrats are absolutely S I C K and a scourge to the American way of life. 

Not just some dimwits, ALL OF YOU DIMWITS... UR  sick in the head , you deserve nothing short of life in reeducation camps, just like North Korea utilizes for "dissidents". forced to work hard labor until you regain your sensibilities, or die in the camp. If someone put a bullet in your heads along the way, better yet!

It's just that simple, you people are not worth the powder to blow you to bits.

This what happens when aborted alcohol syndrome fetuses swim to the top of the bowl instead of being flushed down, you end up with dipshit dimwit demo shxts!

There is no hope for these idiots regaining sensibility any other way.

God Dammit I hate liberals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beam me up Scotty,



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EVERY TIME I FIND YOUR POSTS IT GIVES ME HOPE!   with you carrying what you must, you still find the time to keep us fired up and informed. my only hope is that there are a bunch just like you but just a bit more shy. KEEP IT COMING ! mike

I only accept postal money orders. contact me DIRECTLY before sending any funds                                           email  myoldiron@outlook.com        

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I agree, they have lost their damn minds and Adam Shit gives me the creeps. The never ending Which Hunt at our expense....

Not sure if this would really work, but it might be worth the effort on Pres. Trumps part:

At every speech the President gives, he should really spell it out (hammer it home) how the DemoCrapic party has done absolutely NOTHING in over 3 years. Nothing to help our economy, Nothing to help their constituents, let alone any Americans, Nothing at all! They spend all of their time and our tax dollars on Which Hunts.

Then go on to say how he, The President of the United States, will continue to fight for Every American, so we all have the chance to Win!

Here is how Sad the divide has become. We live in Portland, OR and if I were to have a MAGA sticker on my car or wear a MAGA hat, I would be attacked, plain and simple. The worst part of that is, I would not be the victim, the local Po Po would say I encouraged it. Since I am always armed, that would just be another thing I would need to lawyer up for, they would spin it as I came "prepared" or whatever they would come up with. So I stay away from the protesting events and other rallies.

2 sets of rules we need to play by, theirs and theirs, or so it seems. 

NFA Investments and www.investmentguns.com

FFL/SOT Class III (63) Dealer in Portland, OR. Since 2005 

Cell #’s 503-720-2280 or escheid@comcast.net

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All items posted for sale, are in inventory and NFA items are on Form 3’s ready for transfer.




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When we landed in Portland a few weeks ago...Maine that is, I thought the plane followed the wrong course and we ended up in Portland Oregon!!!! Holy shit all the rat nest hair  the antifa types. Blue hair, orange hair,faggy looking birkenstock sandals, dykes with hairy armpits, dorks and liberal idiots everywhere on the streets!! I thought maybe I made a huge mistake choosing Maine as a place to move.

Thank God once we headed north out of Portland towards Solon, people got normal again.Phew!! That was close, Just a big city anomaly.

Another "observation" was the number of transplanted (thanks to the great blue gummed half breed) BLACK moslem somali's at the airport in Portland. Holy shit I thought I landed at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

The first time I landed there, i was just aghast at the number of terrorist looking moslems working at the airport. After all what could possibly go wrong with moslems working in an airport ...right?

Back to "little" Adam shit, he's the face or ass , however you see it, of the New and Improved dimwit party!!

Remember guys...it's never too late to start networking with anyone and everyone you know,to re-elect President Trump in 2020. Even if you don't like him....do you like that twit from Bronks NY with the screechy voice, the somali brother banging twat from Minnesota, or the butt ugly hezbollah whore from palestine?? Maybe Mr. Beatoff, dirt eater, hamburger chef and AR and AK confiscator?

That's your new choice in Congress, all led by the wanna B Pocahontas Princess herself. Makes me want to barf just thinking about it!



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