Savage Commercial 1928 Thompson $22.5K delivered

Location: OHIO

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I purchased this gun about 12yrs ago from OOW and have owned it ever since. It was nickeled  when I got it so I media blasted and KG Gun Koted the upper receiver and barrel black.  All the other parts - Lower, Stock, Bolt, everything in the gun are from a 1928 Russian bring back parts kit in unused condition, with many early features.  The gun runs great, and the finish is holding up well.  The bore looks great. This is a Commercial Savage with no US or military acceptance stamps.    Price is $22,500 delivered. This is on my SOT and will transfer out of state on an efiled form 3 to your dealer.












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The market sure is soft. A real, AO/Savage transferable 1928 for less than $23K delivered, and not a single contact. 

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Hello...In response to "the Market is soft"...I think I know why it is..If Democrats {socialists} get control of both houses and the presidency next year [pray they dont] ,they will attempt to outlaw everything down to butter knives..A lot of potential buyers, like me, are probably afraid to tie up lots of money in any more NFA stuff until we see what happens with these lunatic politicians in this next year..There aint no doubt about the government knowing who has NFA items..Your Thompson is a beautiful weapon, and I would think someone would jump on it..Its a great deal for sure..Good luck!

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