Beretta pistols, S&W 547, Manurhin & Browning BDA

Location: Leesburg, VA

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I've come across two "grail rifles" on my buy list so need to move some items to help fund. I don't expect all this to move so once I sell enough, I'll end the listing.  One pic per item, most firearms have additional photos in the link at the bottom.

Payment via personal check, cashiers check or USPS Money Order.  Other methods available but please PM to discuss.  If you don't care for the grips or a certain configuration or parts, I'm happy to adjust as needed to meet a pricepoint (like the 92D Centurion).

All these items are more than 15yrs old...any additional pics or questions on condition, please free to ask. crossposted


92SB Compact Type M - $975/shipped w/ two mags & KSD Turkish Walnut grips.  Also have a NOS set of factory walnut for $35 more.  Some bluing loss at the high spots.  Type M is the single stack 9mm.  Additional mags available at extra cost.



Beretta 87BB  - pre-billboard and refinished by CCR.  All new springs and grips.  Unfired since.  $925/shipped.



Beretta 92 Stock Competition - $2550/shipped.  Trigger job by Josh @ AAGW and KSD walnut.  Includes original grips.



Browning BDA in Bright Nickel - 380acp.  One mag.  $750/shipped.  95%+ condition.



Beretta 8000 Type L - $525/shipped with Grips4U English Walnut (inc original grips).  Two mags.  Beleive I have some spare mags and will make available for what I paid.



Beretta 92D Centurion NP3  - C&S DA/SA sear and SpeedHammer.  VZ Grips. $725/shipped



Manurhin MR73 - considered to be the strongest revolver ever made, per request from France's GIGN anti-terrorist police to shoot full power 357 magnum loads..  Adjustable DA/SA pull weight.  Made in France.  Surplus gun but refinished by Mahovsky's in Metalife. $1050/shipped.  Also have brand new factory walnut grips available for $275 (what they cost me).



Smith & Wesson Model 547 - very rare 9mm K-frame w/ beryllium crane (no speed clips used).  $1075/shipped.


additional pics:

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