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WTS : 1918A3 BAR made for Zell Miller

Location: Cobb Co., Ga.

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The 1918 A3 is semi-auto.  Zell gave me his Marine Corps service # which I then had used as the gun’s serial #.

If you remember, Zell spoke at George W’s nomination, after Zell got the Democrat Senate so upset.  He was also a good Gov. & strongly supported the 2nd Amendment.

I enjoyed his company.  I talked to him at length about having this made for him while we both were at Marine Gen. Guy Davis’ funeral. The most decorated Marine.  MH at Chosin Reservoir, etc.

Zell has gotten burned out, retired to his mtn. home & told me to sell the gun.  I include Jim Ballou’s book which he inscribed to Zell & the gun.

Truly, a one of a kind gun.

Serial # goes to buyer only, as it is also the Gov., Senator, Marine Zell Miller's Service #.



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