25 round case of 40mm M781 chalk rounds

Location: Tenneessee

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The ATF recently reclassified the complete/loaded/live M781 orange chalk practice rounds as low explosives, and subject to all licensing and storage requirements. Broken down into these two separate components, explosive storage requirements do not apply, and are not required. The blanks are included, just not installed. When the M781 round is assembled at the factory, the loaded .38cal blank is machine-pressed into the M212 cartridge case. To avoid the user from having to do this in the field, the cartridge case primer/blank pocket has been machined a few thousandths of an inch larger to allow for hand insertion of the .38cal blank into the cartridge case.  To remove the blank, simply turn the round upside-down and shake it, and it will slide back out. 


One opened case of 25 40mm chalk rounds and 25 blanks. Local pickup near Knoxville, tn or can ship on buyers dime. $300 for the case. 



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Bump. I'll split shipping/insurance costs 50/50 with buyer

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