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WTS Vector SD, this is the gun I listed with my DLO trigger box and 4 H&K hosts. Thank you for all that inquired but the the DLO and hosts are 100% sold. Now the Vector is still available and I would like to get it sold so will price accordingly. This started off as a Vector 94 clone. It was typical Vector receiver with the tolerances out of spec. I sent it off to Jell @Parabellum Combat Systems for a rebuild into a SD. I had a RTDS HE suppressor and barrel, I bought a US made hand guard cage and correct SD cocking tube assembly. I sent this all to Jeff along with a German bolt carrier group and recoil rod, a German clipped and pinned SEF trigger group. I had 3 SD at the time so did something different with this one. I bought weld on pic rails from and the mini eotech with night vision option. Jell restored receiver to spec, welded the pic rail across the entire top and welded in SD correct cocking tube and hand guard cage. Pressed in German barrel with correct headspace with the German  BCG. He also welded on a G3 shell deflector to complete the custom look of this SD. Jeff also sited in the eotech and test fired it. Gun is super quite  and runs  like a sewing machine with one of my sears in it. On a form 4 in PA will ship. I’m listing the gun at $3,000 or O.B.O.  Between the German BCG, barrel and trigger housing, RTDS suppressor. Eotech XPS3 and either B&T stock or German A3 you could part this gun out and get your money but why, gun runs like a top, is fun and super quite and a little different than most SD’s you see out there today.











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I think I want to buy your gun, but I would like to speak with you first.  Send me a phone number and times when you can take a call.


Don Wagenknecht

Ozark Armory & DAW

07/02 since 1983


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I’m sending you a pm with my info, and you can call me anytime tomorrow

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