Selling Quality Machine guns on E form 3

Location: Arizona

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Here is a list of the Machine Guns I have available. I have video's of most of these Machine Guns shooting. So you know they work.  I am Thomas Stewart and I have been in the Machine Gun Business for 19 years now. let me know which ones you need pictures on. I do E file  so these will transfer to you Quick. 602-763-8867 or Thanks Buddy

Inland Mint like new 1919A4 with tripod 18.5K

08 Maxim Great condition works great. with Tripod 18.5K

 MG-42 Mint SOLD!!

W.H. M1A1 Thompson Mint It is like new 18.5K


PRE 86 Dealer keeper Samples:


MG-34 D.S. nice 12.0K

MP-28 II G Condition Dealer Sample Pre-86 8.5K

MP-34 G Condition Dealer Sample Pre 86  8.5K

Incoming NFA Items:


Incoming M3 Grease Gun Original Finish 24.5K

Incoming AK 47 Norinco  26K

Incoming Mini UZi 18K

Incoming M2 Plainfield folder 8K

Norell 10 22 made up like a Mini Sold












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sold item

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Did you purchase the 10/22 from this fellow for resale?

I emailed him as I had interest in the item, but never heard back.  I had interest in the item, but ended up getting something else that can do .22lr.  I was always wondering if it was a legit post...

TIA!  And good luck with the sale.


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I bought and sold this 2 months ago. The man wanting it had Family issues so I took it back. I didn't get it from that guy.

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Sold 42 thanks for interest

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